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Eliminate Debt

Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy can eliminate overwhelming debt. Debts may include credit card debt, bank loans, medical bills, most court judgments, and deficiencies on repossessed vehicles. When you speak to a bankruptcy lawyer at our law firm, we will let you know what you qualify for and discuss all of your options.

Stop Harassment & Garnishment

By law, most actions against you must cease once a chapter 7 personal bankruptcy has been filed. Creditors cannot initiate or continue foreclosure actions, lawsuits, wage garnishments, or even telephone calls demanding payments. Our bankruptcy law firm will act quickly to file your bankruptcy petition, stop the phone calls and lift any burdensome garnishments.

Keep Your Property & Rebuild Credit

You may be able to keep your car, house and other personal belongings when filing for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. When you work with our bankruptcy law firm, our personal bankruptcy attorneys will help you retain your assets and show you what steps to take following your bankruptcy so that you can quickly get back on your feet. You may also begin to rebuild your credit immediately after.

Paul L. Orshan - Attorney at Law

“Many people are reluctant to file for bankruptcy at first. I like to remind them that there is a reason that the bankruptcy laws exist. It is to help hard working people just like you to get a fresh start. With the bankruptcy laws on your side, you can rebuild  your life quickly.”

30 Years of Experience

I have been practicing law for more than 30 years and have helping families and businesses resolve debt issues. Ten years ago, following a divorce, I found myself in a similar position to many of my clients as I was struggling with debt from the divorce that I could not pay all at once. I made the difficult decision to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy case which was successfully confirmed, and I paid back some of the debt over a 5-year period. I am a lawyer who understands what my clients are dealing with emotionally as they make the decision that is best for their families. 


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